Classica 1548

Handcrafted in Le Locle at the Manufacture

Cultivating luxury without compromise; this might be the hallmark of the Classica collection by julien Coudray 1518.

This sober and refined piece deliberately asserts the brand's codes, featuring in a 43 mm case a 13-part enamelled dial, from which the name julien Coudray 1518 has been erased. In its place is the Manufacture logo, engraved and enamelled on the gold index at 8 o'clock with at 12 o'clock the operating indicator window, a now essential brand signature.

The Classica 1548 model is equipped with a double-barrel hand-wound movement, boasting a power reserve of more than 100 hours, as well as a stop seconds system. During time-setting, the seconds hand stops running at 12 o'clock, and restarts from this position once the crown is pressed back in, thereby making the setting of this mechanical timepiece among the most precise in the world.

Once more striving for the exceptional and challenging time, julien Coudray 1518 is marking its third collection with the same specific requirement from its previous creations: the exclusive use of precious or pure metals, and of grand feu enamel wrought using traditional ancestral techniques, passionately and boldly harnessing rare professions for 21st Century watchmaking art lovers.